LBS Nest-Pucks

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LBS Nest-Pucks

New dose controlled nesting material for laboratory animals. Made from natural Aspen Wood Wool, de-fibred and compacted into convenient 50 x 50mm squares.

  • Natural Aspen Wood Wool
  • De-fibred dry aspen, compacted into squares
  • Aspen Wood Wool size 2mm wide x 0.15mm thick
  • Squares of 50mm x 50mm
  • Dose controlled at 10gm each
  • 360 squares per box
  • Convenient and time saving

Codes and sizes:

1034020 LBS Nest-Pucks (360 squares/box)

Screened for:

Batch certificate of analysis available

Suitable for:

All species

Shelf life:

Autoclaving, irradiation