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The WV-370’s are, by design, wet or dry vacuum cleaners that perform totally without compromise in either mode.

We know full well that when you want to operate as a dry machine performance must be as good as a dry-only machine, with big filters and the option of giant disposable dust bags ensuring a high standard of operation.

Similarly, when required for wet work, a quick switch of the dry filter for the wet float valve and a change of floor nozzle will give you equally professional performance and a clean, dry floor at the end of it all. Both machines are to our full Twinflo’ performance specification ensuring exceptional results.

Two models is in the container with the 370 being commercial and the 380 being heavy-duty commercial due to its exclusive Structofoam construction which is, in itself, warranteed for 3 years.

With dual wet and dry pick-up nozzles and even the tube set is stainless steel.

For small and efficient, easy to use, wet or dry machines, look no further.

PLEASE NOTE: We can also supply accessories and spare parts.