Animal Diets

LBS are distributors of the full range of SDS and Muzuri diets.
Catering for all species from the standard maintenance diets to any special requirements. If you do not see what you require on these pages please call us to discuss your needs.
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SDS Marmoset Jelly

Suitable for: As a supplementary feed for all of the smaller New World Primates.

Its high nutrient density and high level of accceptability makes it of particular use where inappetance is a problem.

SDS Mazuri Primate

Suitable for: Formulated specifically for the breeding and maintenance of New World Primates, but may also be fed to Old World species

Adequate Vitamin D3 levels for all New World species.

SDS Mini-Pig

Suitable for: An expanded diet for Mini-pigs maintained in restricted conditions for breeding and long term trials

Reduced protein and carbohydrate levels to provide a reduced energy level for an animal of low body size.

SDS Old World Monkey Expanded Chunks

Suitable for: The maintenance of large old world primates

Banana flavour ensures good palatability.

SDS Poultry Breeder

Suitable for: Adult Poultry for breeding, laying and maintenance

Fixed formulation poultry diet free of non-nutrient additives.