Animal Diets

LBS are distributors of the full range of SDS and Muzuri diets.
Catering for all species from the standard maintenance diets to any special requirements. If you do not see what you require on these pages please call us to discuss your needs.
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SDS Poultry Grower

Suitable for: Poultry 2–14 weeks of age

Formulated to ensure healthy growth without excessive weight gain.

SDS Poultry Starter

Suitable for: Chicks from 0–2 weeks of age

Available in mini pellet form. Formulated to give growth during early stages.

SDS Rabbit Maintenance

Suitable for: Rabbits for maintenance

A low nutrient density diet specifically formulated for the long-term research rabbit.

SDS Rabbit Standard

Suitable for: Rabbits for maintenance

As a diet suitable for breeding and maintenance, it avoids the need for two diets in a multi-discipline rabbit unit.

SDS Rat and Mouse Breeder and Grower

Suitable for: Rats and Mice for breeding and short term maintenance.

Efficient and economical lower protein breeding diet also suitable for maintenance.