These products can be used as safe hiding places for your fish and toads.
Aquatic Bamboo Plant

Suitable for: Cage-washer safe (place in basket)

Made of flexible, soft PVC Clear suction cup anchors anywhere in the tank Mimics vegetation in native habitat Gives fish a place to explore Realistic […]

Aquatic Boxwood Plant Mats

Suitable for: Aquatics and Reptiles

Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of flexible, soft polyethylene Available in Boxwood or Springiri Each mat holds more than 30 individual sprigs Easily pulls off mat […]

Aquatic Huts

Suitable for: Aquatics

A transparent, tinted, non-toxic shelter made of strong polycarbonate. Allows fish to swim through or hide under. The flat top surface increases available floor space […]

Aquatic Pup Tent

Suitable for: Aquatics

Certified (Contaminant Screened) Made of high temp polycarbonate Blue color prevents algae growth Provides sheltering and hiding opportunity Autoclavable Cagewasher safe

Aquatic Retreat

Suitable for: Aquatics

A comfortable, secure retreat that provides a solid floor to rest on, particularly important in wire-bottomed cages.