Being the largest supplier of research diets in Europe, SDS/LBS can tailor our packaging range to the industry’s requirements.

Suitable for: Adult Poultry for breeding, laying and maintenance

Fixed formulation poultry diet free of non-nutrient additives.

Suitable for: Poultry 2–14 weeks of age

Formulated to ensure healthy growth without excessive weight gain.

Suitable for: Chicks from 0–2 weeks of age

Available in mini pellet form. Formulated to give growth during early stages.

Suitable for: Rabbits for maintenance

A low nutrient density diet specifically formulated for the long-term research rabbit.

Suitable for: Rabbits for maintenance

As a diet suitable for breeding and maintenance, it avoids the need for two diets in a multi-discipline rabbit unit.

Suitable for: Rats and Mice for breeding and short term maintenance.

Efficient and economical lower protein breeding diet also suitable for maintenance.

Suitable for: An autoclavable diet for Rats and Mice for long and short-term maintenance.

Low protein level promotes longer life expectancy, reduces obesity and associated problems in the aged animal.

Suitable for: Rats and mice for breeding, lactation, and growth of young stock

High nutrient levels promote excellent breeding performances and fast growth rates in young stock.

Suitable for: Old and New World Primates as a diet enrichment treat, or as complete diet

Trials indicate good palatability. Nutritionally balanced.