Environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment (EE) is an easy and efficient way of enhancing animal welfare in any species.

As the importance of improving animal welfare has grown in significance, so has the range of EE products that LBS have assembled over the years.

Today it is one of the most comprehensive and extensive available. This has been achieved by working closely with our customers, animal keepers and carers, animal industry professionals, academics, and students to identify effective ways of providing the essential stimulus and activity required by animals living in the laboratory environment.

In choosing the products within these pages you can be assured they have been selected for their suitability for use the Biotechnology Industry. We are constantly adding to and refining our collection so it is worth visiting these pages on a regular basis.

Suitable for: Ferrets, Rabbits and Cats

Made of durable stainless steel.

These Stainless Steel Wire Feeders offer a simple, safe and convenient way to provide a foraging opportunity for a variety of laboratory species. Fill the wire feeders with edible enrichment products such as hay, lettuce, or other fruits and vegetables. To provide novelty, rotate food items and be creative. The Stainless Steel Wire Feeders come…

Suitable for: Primates, Pigs

A simple, multi-activity device, the Super Challenger Ball is a stimulating activity for primates.

A multi-use enrichment toy that promotes a variety of natural behaviours. Use as a tug toy, foraging tray, serving plate and a chew toy for a variety of species. Can be used as a visual barrier for submissive monkeys. Made of polyurethane

Suitable for: Ferrets, Small Primates

Constructed in tinted plastic, this heavy duty retreat provides an easy to clean shelter for ferrets and small primates.

Suitable for: Primates

Made of polycarbonate and stainless steel, special push-pin opening makes it easy to load and clean.

Suitable for: Dogs and primates

Made of natural rubber

Suitable for: Dogs

Made of durable polyurethane

Timothy Bungalow is an innovative and healthy way to provide environmental enrichment for small animals. • Hand-crafted for premium quality, 100% edible – a beneficial source of fibre • Encourages natural foraging behaviour • Made of all-natural material – no chemicals, wire or thread.

Timothy all-grass Tunnel provides environmental enrichment which is as vital as nutrition to the health of small animals. • High-fibre, 100% Timothy Hay hand-crafted for premium quality. • 100% Edible – a beneficial source of fibre encouraging natural foraging behaviour.