Nobody wants them, but if need to treat, we have the answer…

  • Fur mites on laboratory rodents present a dangerous and sometimes deadly threat. MITEARREST® is an insecticidal bedding developed at Harvard University for the control and prevention of invasive acarids. MITEARREST® is the easiest to use, most effective and least expensive option available to eradicate fur mites.
  • MITEARREST® enlists the natural nesting instincts of lab rodents to deliver a potent yet safe acaricide to the fur of the animal. When added to standard bedding material, MITEARREST® is readily accepted by the rodents and quickly turned into nests. Existing mites are killed through constant contact with the treated bedding and MITEARREST® will kill new mites as they hatch from their eg

Based on the proven technology of Damminix® Tick Tubes, MITEARREST® is:

  • Safe and effective – even in cases of sever infestations
  • A Valuable Time Saver for animal technicians
  • Easy to Use – no time consuming dips, dusts or injections.
  • Readily Accepted by rodents for nesting material
  • Known to Reduce Handling Stress for lab animals