SDS Rat and Mouse No. 1

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• Low protein level promotes longer life expectancy, reduces obesity and associated problems in the aged animal.
• Elevated levels of vitamins to withstand the effects of all autoclaving cycles.
• Coated with inert silicon to prevent clumping during autoclaving.
• Available in expanded and pelleted form.

Feeding guide
Ad-lib feeding is recommended.

Autoclaving instructions
SDS Autoclavable Rodent diets can be autoclaved in their bags or on trays. It is recommended that the bags are stacked evenly in the autoclave with adequate spacing between bags to allow effective sterilization.

Wheat, Barley, Wheatfeed, De-hulled Extracted Toasted Soya, Soya Protein Concentrate, Macro Minerals, Soya Oil, Whey Powder, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Micro Minerals.

Codes and sizes:
1011033 - 12.5kg expanded
1011034 - 12.5kg pelleted