Treats and rewards

Treats and food rewards have a significant and sometimes specific role in bringing enrichment to the lives of confined animals. Their use can be categorised into two main areas. The first is their use as a supplement to the main diet: treats and rewards will introduce different flavours and textures, various shapes and sizes, and can if required, be used to introduce additional nutritional elements to the diet, for instance extra Vitamin C in primate Prima Treats.

Of more importance is their use as a stimulant to activity. Providing treats and rewards, either at regular intervals, at random times, or made permanently available, encourages greater mental and physical activity by the animal. An animal’s natural foraging instinct is stimulated – treats may be scattered on the housing floor for this purpose – they can also be used, in a hard form, to satisfy the gnawing habits of rodents. Alternatively, used in conjunction with a toy, for instance the Challenger Ball, they can exercise the mental faculties of the animal.
Treats and rewards bring benefits to the animals in the following ways.

An element of randomness to the feeding pattern.
Encourages more natural foraging behaviour.
Satisfies gnawing habits.
Provide physical and mental stimulation.
Reduces aggressive behaviour.

LBS has assembled a range of quality products, each of which has shown to be of value to the animal. All of the products have been assessed to ensure that they meet the particular requirements of the Biotechnology Industry. It is particularly essential that feeds conform to these standards as, being organic, they have a greater propensity to deterioration and contamination if stringent standards are not applied.

LBS as a company choose products that where necessary, satisfy all or some of the following criteria.

Are nutritionally assay-able.
Conform to GLP standards.
Are capable of being irradiated.
Are packed in quality, hygienic materials.
Have a reasonable shelf life, if stored properly.
Can be screened for contaminants.

Suitable for: Rodents

A wholesome treat for a variety of species.