Vacuum packaging and irradiation service

LBS supply a quality range of diets, beddings, environmental enrichment products and water in packs suitable for areas where irradiated and/or double wrapped vacuumed consumables are required.LBS has the facilities to vacuum pack and heat seal in a variety of pack weights and quantities. Our packaging is designed to protect and maintain the product integrity until its point of use. Irradiation at 25 or 50kGy. All product is supplied with certificate of irradiation if required. Water is supplied in 2.5 litre containers.

We supply double wrapped 1kg hay bricks or full size hay bales in poly-woven sacks irradiated at 25kGy.

Our service extends to customer’s own items. We collect, repackage, irradiate and return items to our customer’s own requirements. We will handle any items that are able to withstand irradiation and pack in quantities and/or sizes as specified by the customer. We regularly handle such items as gloves, cage labels, cleaning cloths, pens and any other items that need to be sterilised for use in isolators, etc.

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