Suitable for: Dogs, Ferrets, Pigs, Primates

Aubiose Hemp Derived from the soft centre of the Hemp plant, 4 times more absorbent than shavings. Pack size 25kg bale.

Suitable for: Dogs

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Suitable for: Dogs, Pigs, Poultry, Primates

High impact resistant Best Balls are made from tough, non-toxic polyethylene and are almost indestructible.

Suitable for: Dogs, Pigs, Primates

Increasing the environmental complexity of stall animals’ environments may prove useful as a tool to reduce boredom and distress.

Suitable for: Dogs, Primates

A great multi-species enrichment device. Made from durable, natural rubber, also available in an extra tough black option.

Suitable for: Dogs

Certified (Contaminant Screened)
Made of durable polyurethane
Nubby texture prevents tartar build up
Durable manipulata for exploratory behaviour

Suitable for: Dogs, Pigs

Made of durable polyurethane. Nubby texture prevents tartar build up. Tougher than rubber, but not as hard as nylon. Size and shape prevents falling through cage bars and clogging drains. Variable thickness of star shape allows for comfortable chewing.

Suitable for: Dogs, Primates

Made of flexible natural rubber, the unique design of this toy encourages exercise whilst the animal is at play.

Suitable for: Dogs, Pigs, Primates, Rodents

These sturdy, lightweight dumbbells are made of long lasting, solid, non-toxic polypropylene.