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LBS Biotechnology, an experienced Company with a dynamic outlook; our focus is on meeting the demanding customer requirements of the biotechnology industry through ISO9001:2015 quality assurance, customer care and logistics management.

We offer a large range of quality products second to none and with a thorough understanding of our customers needs we aim to excel in every aspect of what we do, from initial customer contact through to delivery and beyond to after sales care.

Within these pages you will, hopefully, find the products you are looking for, in the environmental enrichment section there are products that stimulate, relieve the boredom and limit the aggression of animals in your care.

Product of the Month

Love Mash™ Rodent Reproductive Diet

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We are a UK distributor for Special Diet Services, the premier specialist animal diet supplier in Europe we can therefore offer a wide range of these products.

We also offer an unrivalled selection of animal beddings created from sustainable forests and available in a wide variety of particle sizes. GLP grades, batch numbered and certificated.

Numatic, OnQor and Tristel are among the brand leaders in our product portfolio and can be found within this website. We also offer a vacuum packing and irradiation service for single items and bulk requirements.

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