Environmental enrichment

Environmental Enrichment (EE) is an easy and efficient way of enhancing animal welfare in any species.

As the importance of improving animal welfare has grown in significance, so has the range of EE products that LBS have assembled over the years.

Today it is one of the most comprehensive and extensive available. This has been achieved by working closely with our customers, animal keepers and carers, animal industry professionals, academics and students, to identify effective ways of providing the essential stimulus and activity required by animals living in the laboratory environment.

In choosing the products within these pages, you can be assured they have been selected for their suitability for use in the Biotechnology Industry. We are constantly adding to and refining our collection so it is worth revisiting these pages on a regular basis.

Suitable for: Rodents

New to the range of Aspen Enrichment products is Aspen Balls. Suitable for use in research establishments, all are provided with batch numbering and accompanying certificates of analysis. These 30mm Aspen Balls are made for purpose from fresh cut virgin aspen wood derived from renewable resources. Their unique spherical shape adds an additional dimension of…

Suitable for: Rodents

These wooden blocks are just tough enough to chew and gnaw helping animals to satisfy their natural instincts and exercising teeth and gums for promoting dental health.

Suitable for: Rodents

LBS are pleased to present a range of Aspen Wood enrichment products suitable for use in research establishments.

Suitable for: Dogs, Pigs, Poultry, Primates

High impact resistant Best Balls are made from tough, non-toxic polyethylene and are almost indestructible.

Suitable for: Dogs, Pigs, Primates

Increasing the environmental complexity of stall animals’ environments may prove useful as a tool to reduce boredom and distress.

Suitable for: Rodents

Bio-Serv Liquid diets are a versatile diet medium which allows the addition of alcohol, medications or test compounds.

Suitable for: Primates

A nutritionally complete extra-soft diet suitable for non-human primates that require special care.

Suitable for: Rodents

Replaces mush diets made in-house that are labor intensive, often nutritionally incomplete, messy and possibly contaminated.

Suitable for: Dogs, Primates

A great multi-species enrichment device. Made from durable, natural rubber, also available in an extra tough black option.