Face Mask – Type IIR

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Type IIR Face Mask

This product is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. These pleat-style masks have a filter efficiency level of 98% or greater against particulate aerosols, preventing the exhalation of airborne viruses and the spread of respiratory droplets from an asymptomatic carrier.


  • Type IIR Disposable Surgical Face Masks.
  • Pack of 50.
  • Intended to limit the transmission of infective agents from the wearer to others around them.
  • Three-layer (3-ply) protection.
  • 98% bacteria filtration efficiency.
  • Pleat style with fitted ear loops and nose former.
  • Made from lightweight materials – offers good breathability.
  • Bacteria filet effect (BFE) tested and approved in accordance with tests.  for Class 1 Type IIR. BFE?98% and splash resistance.
  • EN 14683 compliant.
  • Colour: Blue.