GLP Fun Tunnels

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Fun tunnels are ideal as a refuge and to stimulate activity. These tunnels are long lasting, clean, light and easy to handle.

They can be supplied irradiated or be autoclaved for use in barrier units etc. Supplied batch numbered and certificate of analysis.

Codes and sizes:
1022006 - Mini 76mm long x 38mm diameter
1022007 - Standard 125mm long x 50mm diameter
1022004 - Maxi 150mm long x 80mm diameter
1022003 - Giant 250mm long x 100mm diameter
1022001 - Extra Large 250mm long x 200mm diameter
1022013 - Extra Large Arch 250mm long x 100mm high

Screened for: Contaminants

Suitable for: Rodents

Safe For: Autoclaving, Irradiation