F.S.T Ear Punch

Available in the standard ear punch and the GenoPunch with Interchangeable Arms

  • Punch Diameter: 2mm
  • Alloy / Material: Stainless Steel & Anodized Aluminium
  • Length: 11.5cm

Designed to ensure a fast and clean punch, this ear punch is lightweight and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. FST Exclusive Item. Autoclavable.


Water Softener Salt

Here at LBS, we are offering high purity salt tablets and granular salt for water softener and cage wash equipment.

We are able to deliver this alongside your standard orders and is available in 10 or 25 Kilo bags.

We have a comprehensive range of salts for the softening of water in industrial and domestic applications. These salts are of high purity specifically manufactured to European standard BSEN 973, to create the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions that softens water and prevents the build-up of scale without clumping or sludging.