Fur mites on laboratory rodents present a dangerous and sometimes deadly threat. MITEARREST® is an insecticidal bedding developed at Harvard University for the control and prevention of invasive acarids. MITEARREST® is the easiest to use, most effective and least expensive option available to eradicate fur mites.

MITEARREST® consists of individual cotton balls impregnated with permethrin that are placed directly into the rodent’s cage. Animals readily accept MITEARREST® and quickly turn it into nests. Through constant contact with the treated cotton, not only are existing fur mites killed, but it also eliminates new mites as they hatch.


Efficacy: MITEARREST® can eradicate the most severe infestations.

MITEARREST® not only kills existing mites, but it also kills new mites emerging from eggs, and can prevent reinfestation.

Ease of Use: Technicians add MITEARREST® to the cage when changing bedding materials. No dips, dusts or injections are needed, and treatment is verifiable! Technicians can tell if MITEARREST® is being used correctly by simply looking in the cage.

Cost-Effectiveness: MITEARREST® is extremely affordable. Coupled with the reduction in time to treat animals.

Reduces Animal Stress: Other mite removal treatments involve excessive handling and hazardous methods. MITEARREST® removes these stresses and dangers and satisfies the natural nesting instincts of lab rodents.


We have a useful calculator to indicate how many mite arrest treatment balls will be needed to complete your treatment.

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