This year, we are celebrating the 85th anniversary of LBS!

In honor of this, we will have some amazing giveaways throughout the year to celebrate.

We also have some excellent new products to launch, starting with:


The Souralit T-Brick

  • This new Aspen chew brick is excellent to hang from the cage grids or the diet section of the hopper!
  • It will work with almost all IVC and conventional cages.
  • Excellent for both Rats and Mice.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Benefits from being elevated from the cage floor and allowing the T-Brick to be used constantly and it is also long lasting.
  • It can aid in reducing aggression with male mice.
  • Can be placed directly in front of the diet section of the hopper to reduce diet wastage.
  • Multiple positioning within the grid of the cage or diet hopper.
  • Safe to use with auto-watering systems.

Please get in touch for some samples or more information.