LBS Rodent Shelf

1021010 – GLP Rodent Shelf – 15.5cm long x 7.2cm wide x 4.8cm high

The LBS Rodent Shelf was created with the animals and technicians in mind.

It is designed to fit perfectly under the food hoppers, optimising the space in the cage as well as giving the animals a darker space to shelter in.

The key benefits include:

  • Enables the mice to hide under them, but also allows them to exit easily.
  • Quicker cage checking time.
  • As it is made from 100% Virgin pulp paper, the mice can shred the huts for burrowing or nesting, while others choose to shelter inside them.
  • It allows the technicians to look straight through the cage at all times. This makes checking the animals easier, in turn not disturbing the mice as much.
  • Scientific reports released showing a reduction in food waste from mice chewing the diet, but not eating it.
  • Perfectly made to allow stacking of pre filled cages with bedding, nesting and the rodent shelf.
  • Increases usable cage space.
  • Certified (Contaminant Screened), autoclavable and can be irradiated. They can also be supplied GLP compliant i.e. batch numbered and with a certificate of analysis.
  • Improved breeding performance of particularly sensitive and fragile strains of mice has been reported.
  • They are environmentally friendly, clean and light to handle, and are easily disposed of.

Please click on the image below to watch our video on the Rodent Shelf