Mid-Month Special – Gel Products

This month, we would like to highlight our very successful Gel Products.

We have a good stock of all three types, ready for shipment.

All three have good shelf lives, range from 40 to 60 pots per case and are irradiated. They are also thermoreversible meaning you can add drugs or medication to the gels and the taste is masked.


Nutra Gel: Complete Nutrition – Bacon Flavour

This is our most popular Gel product and is excellent to help animals that have potential weight issues, post-surgery, weaners, aging animals or animals that aren’t quite themselves and need special attention.

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Electro Gel: Electrolyte Replenisher – Strawberry Flavour

This Gel provides balanced electrolyte and glucose levels to provide energy, nutrients and hydration to accelerate recovery.

Highly palatable with a sweet, salty strawberry flavour.

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Pure Water Gel: Total Hydration

Provides water without the spills.

Convenient cup allows for total replacement or supplemental hydration.

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Datasheets are available.