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Update Your Water Baths and Ice Buckets  – with Beads Lab Armor® Beads are small, dry, metallic thermal beads designed to replace water in laboratory water baths and ice in ice buckets. There are several major advantages to using Lab Armor beads over water in you bath. These include:

  • Stays Clean / Reduced Contamination

Protected from water-borne contamination. Contaminated samples and reagents result in distorted data and unpredictable outcomes. Reduce the risk of contamination, achieve reproducible results and have greater confidence in your work.

  • Stays Organized / Stability

No more water accidents.  Unlike water baths that require racks, floats, and bottleneck weights, Bead Bath naturally holds things in place without accessories. So no more floating accidents. Really!

  • Saves Time

Always on and ready to use Bead Bath makes using the bath easy. The bath always stays on, so you don’t have to plan around warm-up times.

  • Safe

You don’t need to worry about burnout either because there is no water to evaporate

  • No Messy Water Changing

Who likes changing the water in the water bath? Exactly! With Lab Armor beads, you don’t have to carry out this dirty, messy task any more.

  • Eco-friendly

Lab Armor has the environment in Mind. The highly recyclable beads, fewer harmful biocides, and more energy efficient Bead Bath has the lab and the environment in mind. Lab Armor beads can save up to 50% of energy running costs compared to conventional water baths…



  • Metal composition
  • Moisture and gas impermeable
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Smooth, rounded surface
  • Working temperature range is -180°C to 180°C

Lab Armor Beads have excellent environmental features. They are designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact: 

  • Recyclable
  • Non-toxic, non-vaporizing material
  • No daily requirement for biocide use – no gray water
  • Improves energy efficiency of standard water baths by over 50%


Lab Armor beads are available in a variety of pack sizes:

Lab Armor Beads (1 x 0.75L)
Lab Armor Beads (1 x 2L)
Lab Armor Beads (1 x 4L)
Lab Armor Beads (2 x 4L)