The 1812 represents a super compact, truly professional dual compartment mopping unit, with our unique parabolic separator allowing a generous 18-litre front clean water container and 12-litre dirty water section to the rear.

The 60%/40% split in container capacity is genuinely practical, allowing larger areas to be cleaned before emptying and refilling is required.

For smaller applications the separator may be reversed and the press placed in its lower mounting position, resulting in a truly Xtra Compact system. In the event of a single 30-litre bucket requirement, the parabolic separator can be easily removed.

The All-Mops Press is suitable for a whole range of Kentucky and Flat mops, providing excellent performance and results.

The Structofoam Hi-Bak bucket design speaks for itself in terms of rugged reliability, running on 75mm (3”) non-marking castors – ensuring excellent movement.

  • Colour Coded Handles – Colour coded cleaning equipment promotes hygiene and helps prevent cross contamination between different areas.
  • 30-Litre Capacity – A generous 30L capacity allows you to clean for longer with fewer refills.
  • Parabolic Water Separator – Split the 30L capacity bucket into an 18L clean water section and 12L dirty water section or vice versa.
  • Allmops Press – Allows the use of both Kentucky style and Flat mops.
  • Selection of Optional Mops – With a choice of multiple mops to choose from you can be sure to have the right mop for the job.


Capacity 18 / 12L 30L L
Press Allmops Press
Castors 4 x 75mm
Size 410x560x800mm

Both container and press are available in a choice of 4 colours.

PLEASE NOTE: We can also supply accessories and spare parts.

Codes and sizes:
HB1812 - Hi-Bak

627199 - Separator grid for Hi-bak 1812, black
627535 - 40cm Vertical press hang-on/pocket mop holder
627574 - Monsoon 400g loop & web Kentucky mop (10 pack)
627575 - Monsoon bactiguard 400g loop 7 web Kentucky mop (10 pack)
627645 - Hi-bak 1812 Parabolic divider, blue
627647 - Hi-bak 1812 Parabolic divider, green
628081 - Field gate mop holder MK1/Mk1A kit
628094 - 3-Piece spintec mop stick kit with comfort grip
629100 - 3-Piece spintec mop stick kit without comfort grip
629332 - DTK1 - Monsoon Kentucky mop kit (without comfort grip)
629334 - DTK3 - Hang-on mop nylostripe 40cm