TwinMop TM2815

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The Twinmop 2815 is a world first, being a complete compact dual bucket mopping system incorporating large, oversize, clean water bucket, dirty water pail and using patented AWS (Automatic Water Separation) system.

AWS is a serious operational advance… it means you only work from the one generous 28-litre clean water bucket below the press, but every time you use the press the water is automatically discharged into the red dirty water pail, providing for quick and easy emptying and refilling.

AWS really does make mopping quicker and better.

The Twinmop system is equipped with the All-Mops Press, allowing use with the full range of Kentucky and Flat mopping systems.

The chassis is our strong high profile construction, running on 75mm (3”) non-marking castors, ensuring excellent mobility.

A small caddy is also provided to permit all those essential cloths, sprays, etc to be carried as standard.

  • Allmops Press – Allows the use of both Kentucky style and Flat mops.
  • Automatic Water Separator – Dirty water is simply diverted to the red handled dirty bucket keeping your clean water, clean.
  • Optional Fixed Transit Wheels – The all-terrain fixed transit wheels option makes covering rough ground a breeze.
  • Optional Fixed Floor Sign – Essential for carrying out cleaning in public spaces.
  • Optional Larger Storage Tray – Extra storage for cleaning supplies.
Capacity Clean 28 L
Capacity Dirty 15 L
Caddy 4 L
Press Allmops Press
Castors 4x75mm
Size 410x800x1250mm
Weight 14 kg

PLEASE NOTE: We can also supply accessories and spare parts.

Codes and sizes:
TM2815 TwinMop

627535 - 40cm Vertical press hang-on/pocket mop holder
627574 - Monsoon 400g loop & web Kentucky mop (10 pack)
627575 - Monsoon bactiguard 400g loop 7 web Kentucky mop (10 pack)
628081 - Field gate mop holder MK1/Mk1A kit
628297 - Separator grid for 28-litre bucket, black
629332 - DTK1 - Monsoon Kentucky mop kit (without comfort grip)
629334 - DTK3 - Hang-on mop nylostripe 40cm
629357 - SB28 / TM2815 Big wheel kit