Multimop MM30

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Super clean floors… twice as fast… not to mention walls or even ceilings. Yes, the professional MultiMop is one of the simplest, most effective smaller area mopping systems you will ever use but, like all the best ideas, it is the totally thoughtful design concept that makes it so outstanding.

A unique giant 35cm (14”) sponge mop that will really outperform the rest. The sponge absorbs more than 10 times its own weight in liquid so you can really put plenty down and pick it all up again and to cap it all, its very operational design makes it virtually self-cleaning.

The 30-litre pail runs on 4 twin wheel castors, so no more lifting buckets all the time, where you and your mop go, the bucket goes with you… on its wheels. This is professional convenience mopping.

  • Easy Velcro Mop Attachment – The velcro mop cloth fastening couldn’t be quicker or easier.
  • Colour Coded Handles – Colour coded cleaning equipment promotes hygiene and helps prevent cross contamination between different areas.
  • Choice of Sponges – A choice between a standard sponge, scourer, or deep clean sponge allows you to use the MM30 for a variety of applications.
  • 30-Litre Capacity – A generous 30L capacity allows you to clean for longer with fewer refills.
  • Folding Press – The folding press and self-cleaning system make it virtually self-cleaning.

PLEASE NOTE: We can also supply accessories and spare parts.