Hygiene and Equipment

Proper cleaning and disinfection of animal facilities is a critical part of any good bio-security program. LBS offer a comprehensive range of cleaning products that have been developed from over 20 years of in-market experience and feedback from customers to make sure the formulations are at the cutting edge of efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness.

LBS are main distributors for both the Medichem and Tristel range of products.

LBS have been the preferred supplier for Medichem for over 15 years who have recently updated their range with new formulation HLD4V available under their Anigene and Chemgene product ranges.

LBS are the main distributors for Tristel products which further compliments the range of cleaning products we have to offer you. Tristel Solutions Ltd for many years manufactured Trigene Advance. Trigene products innovated and led the veterinary and animal welfare markets with excellent efficiency, efficacy and ease of use. This continues under the new Anistel brand both in concentrate and wipes. The formulation of Anistel and Trigene is exactly the same and Anistel products provide tried, tested and trusted protection.

The Perfex Sanitary Adjustable handle was developed to meet the ergonomic and hygienic needs of controlled environments.

Holds three tools in an 18” channel, allowing instant repositioning along the bar length.

Twin-blade floor squeegee is made of neoprene rubber with a durable polymer channel. Flexible blades are specifically designed for use on uneven or irregular surfaces.

Safe4 DEFRA approved disinfectant, the Professional Solution.

The ‘TwinMop’ TM2815 is a dual bucket mopping system, combining the ‘All-Mops’ press and our ‘AWS’ (Automatic Water Separation) system.

This ‘TwinMop’ unit is the same as the TM2815 but with additional onboard, lidded, 30L waste container and a 10 litre top caddy.

Overview A moisturising skin scrub solution with skin emolients which are kinder to the skin than conventional scrubs. Technology Contains 1.5% Triclosan and high grade skin conditioners and moisturising agents. It cleanses to a high level of microbiocidal readiness for medical and nursing procedures. Microbiological Contains proven-effective disinfectant agents against a wide variety of bacteria…