Alpha Twist

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Alpha dri as mini rolls of multi layered virgin paper cut in short lengths to give the animals nesting material which enhances nest building instincts.

Features and Benefits:

Maximum Environmental Enrichment: Species specific behaviours are nurtured and enhanced through the unrolling of the material for use in nest building. One roll of ALPHA-Twist™ can be unrolled into a 5 inch strand of paper!

Customised Dosage: Technicians can custom dose each cage with an exact amount of material to satisfy a particular cage or housing arrangement. Other cotton based nesting materials are pre-cut into individual doses which limit flexibility and cost reduction procedures.

Economical: One bag of ALPHA-Twist™ can provide enrichment for over 1400 standard cages. The cost per cage for exceptional enrichment is less than traditional cotton based nesting enrichment items.

Safer to Use: ALPHA-Twist is safer to use due to its low dust content and the absence of long cotton fibre strands eliminates strangulation issues.

ALPHA-Twist™ is also offered pre-blended in our PLUS line of bedding materials.

Codes and sizes:
1032001 - 8kg bag

Suitable for: Rodents