Paperchip (soft texture)

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Softer texture pelleted
The softer texture is a crumbled pellet for use as a contact bedding for small rodents. This nesting material absorbs moisture to keep animals dry, and controls ammonia odours.

PAPERCHIP® is manufactured primarily from used newspapers and is the result of years of extensive lab testing. It is available in two different textures, each available in 15.8kg (35lbs) autoclavable paper bags.

• Absorbs ammonia odors
• Environmentally responsible
• Dust-free
• Autoclavable
• Made from recycled newspaper

Long-lasting – In controlled laboratory tests, PAPERCHIP® has proved to be significantly longer lasting than common woodchip products. This not only saves on bedding cost, but it also saves labour required to change the bedding.

Absorbs Odour – PAPERCHIP® has proved to be significantly better than woodchip  products at controlling NH3 production. This results in longer bedding life and a more  pleasant laboratory environment.

Very Absorbent – PAPERCHIP® will absorb up to 400 percent of its weight in liquids, keeping your animals dry.

Environmentally Responsible – PAPERCHIP® can be incinerated with less than 2% ash content. It is also completely biodegradable and makes an excellent composting material.

Dust-free – In sieve tests, less than 1% will fall through a No. 20 sieve. That means a  healthy, clean environment for your staff and animals.

Easy Cleanup – PAPERCHIP® will not stick or cake to cages or pans, which makes for easy removal.

Autoclavable – The 15.8kg (35lbs) paper bag is designed so the product can be  autoclaved in the bag.

PAPERCHIP® retains its consistency and odour-control properties when autoclaved.

Codes and sizes:
1032007 - Paperchip - soft texture - 15kg