LBS Gold Aspen Midi 8/20

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Particle size 90% 2-3mm.
Pack size 10.0 kg approx. weight.

High quality dust-free, absorbent bedding made from debarked chopped Aspen wood (populus tremula), high temperature dried and sifted.

  • From PEFC accredited manufacturing site
  • Reliable and consistent source of supply
  • Natural raw material from sustainable source
  • Purpose made, from untreated selected Aspen
  • Batched certificate of analysis
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural odour absorption, improvement of room climate: liquids are absorbed, thus preventing bonding with oxygen from air, the formation of unpleasant odours is significantly slowed
  • High absorbency: special cutting of wood chips ensures that liquids are absorbed by the wood chip rather than bonded to the surface.
  • Bulk material character: well-suited for automatic filling stations, easy to handle and dose, easy to gauge the quantity dispensed.
  • Vigorous dedusting during the production process ensures that the product is virtually dust free
  • Consistent high quality material
  • Low moisture content
  • Autoclavable, the physical properties are not altered by the autoclaving process (no clumping!)
  • Packaging: autoclavable polypropylene woven bags
  • Fit to euro pallets

As with all natural products slight differences to the above given values may arise.

Codes and sizes:
1031005 10kg poly woven bag

Screened for: Batch certificate of analysis available

Suitable for: Dogs, Ferrets, Pigs, Poultry, Primates, Rodents