LBS Bedding Range

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Good quality bedding is an essential factor of the environment for animals used in research. LBS provide an extensive range of substrates for this purpose. Certificates of analysis are available for all products.

Aubiose Hemp
Derived from the soft centre of the Hemp plant, 4 times more absorbent than shavings.
Pack size 25kg bale.

Corn Cob
Particle size
Grade 6: 4.55-3.17mm
Grade 12: 2.08-1.48mm
Grade 16: 1.48-1.04mm
Processed corncobs, highly absorbent.
Pack size 12.5kg, 20kg and 22.5kg.

Gold Chips
Particle size 2.8mm to 1.12mm.
This product is heat dried to 550?C.
Pack size 90 litre – 12.5kg approx. weight.

Gold Flakes
Particle size 4mm to 0.9mm.
Pack size 90 litre – 10.0kg approx. weight.

Gold Shavings

Particle size 16mm to 4mm.
Pack size 90 litre – 5.0kg approx. weight.

Aspen Classic & Midi
Grades Classic B6. Particle size 95% 2-5mm. Heat treated, screened and granulated.

Midi  8/20. Particle size 90% 2-3mm. Heat treated, screened and granulated.

Pack size 10kg.

Codes and sizes:
1038002 - Aubiose Hemp 25kg bale
1031001 - LBS Gold Chips Large 10kg bag
1031002 - LBS Gold Flake - Grade 5 10kg bag
1031011 - LBS Gold Shavings 7kg bag
1033002 - LBS Gold Cob GD 6 10kg bag
1033001 - LBS Gold Cob GD 12 12.5kg bag
1031005 - LBS Aspen Midi 8/20 10kg bag
1031004 - LBS Aspen Classic B6 10kg bag

Suitable for: Dogs, Ferrets, Pigs, Poultry, Primates, Rodents