Bedding and nesting

The provision of suitable nesting and bedding is probably the next most important item after nutrition and housing. Good material is essential for achieving the standards of animal welfare now expected.

Today, the choice of types has never been greater, and the standards of production never higher. The range of nesting and bedding materials available from LBS is extensive and has been chosen with great care. The range allows a choice of types, materials, particle sizes and treatments, so that selection for use can be best suited to requirements.

In assembling the range, LBS has applied high standards that each material must satisfy depending upon its intended purpose.

Cleanliness, the material must be clean, this is achieved by using only the highest quality materials, from renewable sources, and ensuring that they are processed through modern equipment maintained to a high standard.

Dust free, the material must be devoid of dust and sharp particles that could potentially cause irritation, respiratory problems or damage to either animal or human. An aspect of particular importance for its use in IVCs and other closed housing units.

Comfort, an important attribute of nesting material that is intended to encourage nest building and community behaviour.

Absorbency, the ability to soak up liquid and control ammonia levels is important to cage hygiene.

Disposability, all materials are easily disposed of after use, either by incineration or other safe means.

Suitable for: Rodents

Our Speciality Blend is comprised 50% by volume of Alpha dri which absorbs over 300% of its weight and Corn cob.