Best quality meadow hay makes an ideal addition to the diet of rabbits and guinea pigs. Hay provides the roughage that is part of their natural diet and so promotes a healthy digestive system.

Animals will also incorporate the hay into their bedding as part of their instinctive nest building routine.

The hay comes in compressed blocks and is available in a variety of packaging polywrapped or vacuum packed.

Codes and sizes:
1039016 - 6 x 1kg irradiated
1038005 - 9 x 1kg non irradiated
1024058 - Hay Cobs - 15kg bags - For guinea and rabbits
1024057 - Hay Briquettes - 15kg bags - For guinea pigs and rabbits
Both available irradiated

Hay Tunnels
Coated with mountain meadow hay Made from a parchment roll
1028002 - Large 30cm length x 20cm diameter
1028003- Medium 25cm length x 14cm diameter
For rabbits and guinea pigs

Suitable for: Rodents

Safe For: Autoclaving, irradiation