NTD 750

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The whole design concept, construction and performance of the NTD-750 is dedicated to producing a standard industrial vacuum cleaner that will provide totally reliable performance in all standard industrial applications. Be it boiler cleaning, floor cleaning, machine maintenance, high level cleaning, metalworking, dirt, dust or debris, it will take it all in its stride as standard.

The exclusive Structofoam power head incorporating two Twinflo’ bypass motors provides exceptional performance and the Nucable replaceable cable system is standard, allowing quick cable replacement in the event of accidental damage.

Two large, standard filters ensure that what goes in stays in and, in addition, giant additional Hepaflo dust bags are available.

The standard container is all-steel, finished in Nutex, a specially formulated epoxy resin coating providing extreme durability and long service life. The container is mounted on, but easily removed from, our all-steel heavy-duty chassis equipped with large transit wheels.

The standard accessory kit is to a full 38mm (1 1/2”) specification.

PLEASE NOTE: We can also supply accessories and spare parts.

Codes and sizes:
836517 - NTD750-2 Grey 240V + Kit BA5

Available Kits & Accessories
602102 2.4M Nuflex threaded hose (38mm)
602162 152mm Rubber brush with stiff bristles (38mm)
602381 ProFl0 400mm dry brush nozzle (38mm)
602917 3-piece stainless steel tube set (38mm)
602927 220mm stainless stell extension tube (38mm)
602930 Aluminium extension tube (38mm)
602931 Aluminium tube bend (38mm)
604019 10 (NVM-4BH) Hepa-Flo dust bags
604107 Retaining strap for 356mm open dust bags
604138 Primary Filtrex filter for 356mm machine
604819 Master carton 6 x 10 NVM-4BH
604920 Cyclonic adaptor for 356mm types