Vacuum cleaners

LBS are distributors for Numatic International, one of the largest UK based manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and associated products fit for the laboratory environments.

We also supply accessories and spare parts for all specialist vacuums listed.

Two machines both of the same professional design concept but providing a choice of 9 litre or 15 litre capacity.

The battery version of the mid-range ‘4500’ model.

The battery version of the mid-range ‘4500’ model.

Same machine as the 200A/hr version of the TTB6652S only with Traction (i.e. power drive to the wheels).

Compact cable machine on full stainless-steel chassis. 30 litre capacity within the twin dirty water tanks. Heavy duty 450mm scrubbing head with 1000W motor.

The WV-370’s are, by design, wet or dry vacuum cleaners that perform totally without compromise in either mode.

The WV-470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the capacity but to the same high performance standard be it wet or dry.

The professional 900 embodies in a single machine 15 years experience in supplying the commercial market from one corner of the globe to the other.

The polyform 2000 has established a standard and reputation in industrial use that has stood the test of time with production now in its 20th year.