Manufactured in durable natural rubber, the Kong is available in medium or large sizes. A variety of food items, such as Nutty Monkey Treats or PRIMA-Treats, can be placed inside to engage the animals and provide extra enjoyment.

The strong rubber is free of petro chemicals and is produced in black with a stainless steel chain and twist clip (length 9cm). The Kong Blue is made of a radio opaque material that is 25% stronger than regular Kongs. Available with or without stainless steel chain affixed.

Codes and sizes:
K1002 – Black 4” Large
K1013 – Black 5” XLarge
K1011 – Black Large + chain
K1016 – Black XLarge + SS chain

K3283 – Blue 3” Small cert
K3284 – Blue 3.5” Medium
K3285 – Blue 4.25” Large
K3286 – Blue 5” XLarge cert
K3287 – Blue 6” King
K3296 – Blue Medium + SS chain
K3294 – Blue Large + SS chain

K2500 – Red 2.75” Small cert
K2000 – Red 3.5” Medium cert
K1000 – Red 4” Large cert
K1012 – Red 5” XLarge cert
K2001 – Red Medium + SS chain cert
K1001 – Red Large + SS chain cert
K1015 – Red XLarge + SS chain cert
K3348 – Kong Squeaker 2.5”

Screened for: Contaminants

Suitable for: Dogs, Ferrets, Pigs, Primates, Rodents

Safe For: Cage washing, Autoclaving