Nutritionally complete, certified diet, Nutra Blocks are a fun way to supplement an animal’s diet.

These blocks can be licked or gnawed. Placed inside a Booda Yapple fun ball, they will add an element of play whilst being eaten.

Nutra Blocks enrich the diet and activity of the larger housed animals.

They are available in three flavours, banana, pina colada and very berry, these are suitable for use in toxicological studies.

Codes and sizes:
FO5356 – Pina Colada cert 144/pack
FO5710 – Very Berry cert 144/pack
44mm diameter

Screened for: Pesticides, Organophosphates, Aflatoxins, PCBs, Heavy Metals

Suitable for: Pigs, Primates, Rodents

Safe For: Irradiation