Turf Foraging Crumbles

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These foraging crumbles are produced in a variety of delicious flavours to stimulate and hold the interest of primates over extended periods of time.

The Crumbles are specially sized to scatter on to the Tuff Turf Board, but can also be used with bedding on solid floors.

Nutritionally assayed and suitable for use in GLP and TOX studies (uncoloured flavours only).

Coloured: Banana, & Pina Colada.

Uncoloured & Certified: Banana, Pina Colada

Codes and sizes:
F0368 - Banana
F05436 - Pina Colada
F05433 - Uncoloured: Banana
F05437 - Uncoloured: Pina Colada


Screened for: Contaminants (uncoloured flavours only)

Suitable for: Primates

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months cool dry storage