Sucrose Dustless Precision Pellets™

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Precise size and weight pellets generally used in nutritional and behavioural studies.

Dustless and fracture free! Superior performance in automatic feeders.

The most reliable Dustless Precision Pellet on the market.

  • Sweet reward pellets for behaviour studies
  • Highly palatable pellet prevents the need for food restriction
  • Available in 20mg and 45mg
  • Available in unflavoured, chocolate, banana and berry flavour
  • Unflavoured is a great option for odour-free reward
  • Custom sizes, colours and flavours available upon request

Every batch tested for hardness, weight and height.

Highly palatable – available unflavoured or with banana, chocolate or berry flavouring.

Nutritionally assayed.

Codes and sizes:
F07595, 20 mg, Unflavoured, 50,000/Box
F0023, 45 mg, Unflavoured, 50,000/Box
F0024, 45 mg, Banana Flavour, 50,000/Box
F0026, 45 mg, Berry Flavour, 50,000/Box
F0025. 45 mg, Chocolate Flavour, 50,000/Box

Suitable for: Primates, Rodents

Shelf Life: 12 months cool dry storage