Prang™ Electrolyte Replenisher

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Flavored oral rehydrator with electrolytes and Vitamin C in powder form.

Excellent for crashing, recovering and debilitating conditions.

Economical. Combines the benefits of both Tang Gatorade.

Balanced mineral and glucose levels for quick energy.

Convenient. Just add water. Concentration can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Use as a refreshing drink or freeze in cup with a celery stick for a hand-held treat.

Nutritionally assayed.

Also available:
Suger-Free PRANG for diabetic or overweight primates

Apple, Cherry, Orange, Banana, Grape, Strawberry

Shelf life:

Codes and sizes:
F23518 - Banana

Suitable for: Primates

Shelf Life: Dry mix: 12 months cool dry storage Prepared liquid PRANG: 7 days refrigerated