Pineapple Rabbit Stix

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Rabbit Stix have proven to be a very effective certified appetite stimulant and enrichment treat. Most rabbits will accept this nutritionally complete, pineapple flavoured diet when they refuse to eat other foods. Rabbit Stix are a “must” to keep on hand for those emergency type situations when rabbits go off feed as well as to add variety to the diet. Rabbit Stix may be fed as a sole source diet for rabbits requiring extra care.

Features and Advantages:
• Excellent for new arrivals that go off feed!

• Stimulates appetite for stressed animals and finicky eaters.

• Nutritionally complete and balanced. Can be fed as a sole source diet.

• High fibre. Formulated with high percentage of alfalfa.

• Contaminant screening makes Rabbit Stix a safer choice than alfalfa cubes.

• Contains papain which is commonly used to prevent hairballs.

• Pineapple flavoring appeals to most rabbits.

• Add Rabbit Stix to maintenance diet several times a week to prevent boredom and keep appetites stimulated.

• Use as a reward for positive reinforcement making health checks easier.

• Produced in a GMP environment assuring accurate and consistent diet composition.

• Sterilized by gamma irradiation upon request at additional cost.

Nutritional Assays:
Protein, Fat, Fibre, Ash and Moisture

Typical Nutritional Content:
Protein 17.6% Fat 4.6%
Fiber 22.0% Ash 7.2%
Moisture <10.0% Carbohydrate 44.2%

Caloric Value:
2.911 kcal/gm

Alfalfa Meal, Ground Corn, Soybean Hulls and Meal, Ground Oats, Cane Molasses, Soy Protein Isolate, Wheat Middlings, Papain, Pineapple Flavour, Niacin, Lubricant, Mineral Mix and Vitamin Mix

The nutritional content is analyzed and contaminants are screened on every lot by an independent laboratory prior to shipment. The certificate of analysis is available upon request.

Codes and sizes:
F2831 - 1" long x 3/16" diameter

Packaging - 10 kg per box and 1 kg bags

Screened for: contaminants

Suitable for: Rodents

Shelf Life: 6 months in cool, dry storage