Supreme Mini-Treats™

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Nutritionally complete formula that can be fed freely as a diet supplement or treat.

The rich aroma and taste will appeal to all your swine and other animals as well. Comes in Pina Colada, Marshmallow, Chocolate and Banana.

A safer choice than feeding less-nutritious, high sugar, uncertified type treats that could potentially affect research study data.

Nutritionally assayed and “Certified” (contaminant screened for Organophosphates, Pesticides, PCBÕs, Alfatoxins and Heavy Metals). Suitable for most TOX and GLP Studies.

1 gm, gumball-shaped Mini-Treats are a handy size to keep in your pocket at all times for conditioning, reward and positive reinforcement.

Codes and sizes:
F05478-1 Banana 1,000/bag
F05472-1 Chocolate `1,000/bag
F05474-1 Marshmallow 1,000/bag
F05475-1 Pina Colada 1,000/bag
F05711-1 Very Berry 1,000/bag

Suitable for: Rodents

Shelf Life: 12 months cool dry storage