SDS Aquatic 3 (E)

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Floating complete extruded nutritional solution for aquatic animals. Amphibia, non-tropical fish, some reptiles and trout. Contains high levels of stable Vitamin C.

  • Diet for growth and maintenance animals.
  • To be used within the context of experimental protocols.
  • With marine ingredients for high palatability.
  • Expanded pellets which allows the pellet to float for a short while before sinking, thus reducing wastage and contamination of the water

Feeding guide

Varies depending on species, weight and age. 1-4% of Biomasse according to the species, temperature, weight and age.

Aquatic diets should be fed ad-lib.

All standard diets are available with full analysis on request.


Fish Meal, Horsebean, Wheat Feedflour, Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten, Wheat, Alfalfa Protein Concentrate, Linseed Pressed Meal, Fish Oil, Wheat Gluten, Seaweed Meal

Codes and sizes:
Code TBC : Aquatic 3 (E) Bucket 5kg (SDS856300)

Suitable for: Aquatic

Shelf Life: From the date of production: 24 months