Vitality Primate with B-nana Nuts

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  Contains Vitamin C making it suitable for a wide range of Primate Species (including Macaques, Mandrill and Baboons) for feeding, foraging enrichment or reward.
Palatability enhanced by Banana flavouring
Ideal for fussy, finicky eating Primates

Feeding Guide
Designed to be fed at no more the 40% of the Dry Matter intake
To be fed alongside suitable fruits, vegetables or browse
Total Dry matter intake for Primates ranges from 2-4% of body weight

Wheatfeed, Wheat, Oats, High Fibre Oat By-Product, Soya Hulls, Soya Meal Ext., Barley, Sunflower Meal, Molasses, Soya Oil,Specialist Vitamin and Mineral Premix

Codes and sizes:
Code TBC - 20kg bag

Suitable for: Primates

Shelf Life: Best Before - 9 months from date of manufacture