SDS RABMA – Rabbit Maintenance

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• Complete universal diet for rabbits.
• Diet for breeding, pregnant, nursing, growth and maintenance animals.
• Protein only from vegetal sources.

• A low nutrient density diet specifically formulated for the long-term research rabbit, to help avoid the weight problems usually associated with high nutrient density diets.
• A high-fibre diet to assist digestion.

Feeding guide
Ad libitum or rationed according to experimental protocols. Daily consumption – 40 to 300 g, depending on strain and weight. Keep fresh water always available.

Alfalfa dried at high temperature, barley, maize, wheat, oats, soybean meal, wheat straw and/or barley, wheat bran, pre-mixture of vitamins, pre-mixture of minerals, inactivated brewer’s yeast, dicalcium phosphate.

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Codes and sizes:
1011026-10 : RABMA, 803550 - 10kg (Paper Bag)

Suitable for: Rabbits

Shelf Life: Paper bag or plastic pouch = 12 months, Vacuum packed = 24 months