SDS RM3 (E) – Expanded

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Complete extruded breeding vegetal diet for rats, mice and hamsters.

Diet for growing and breeding, pregnant and nursing animals.

To be used within the context of experimental protocols.

Does not contain alfalfa and its by-products.



High nutrient levels promote excellent breeding performances and fast growth rates in young stock.


Directions for Use

Period: From birth onwards.

Method: Ad libitum or rationed according to experimental protocols.

Remove from the packaging and place directly in the cage feeder or on the cage floor.

Keep fresh water always available.

Daily Consumption: Rats 18 to 25 g, mice 3 to 6 g, hamsters 8 to 12 g.

Storage: Store in a clean, dry and cool place, protected from light.



Wheat, wheatfeed, barley, maize gluten, fish meal, inactivated brewer’s yeast, colza oil, pre-mixture of vitamins and minerals, dicalcium phosphate, whey powder, L-lysine, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, L-tryptophan


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Codes and sizes:
1011037-8: RM3 (E) 8kg Paper Bag, 801066
1013034-8: RM3 (E) PL 8kg Paper Bag in Plastic pouch, 801070
1011050-8: RM3 (E) SQC 8kg Paper Bag, certified, 811181
1012016-8: RM3 (E) PL 8kg Paper Bag in Plastic pouch, 801192, Min irr 25kGy
1013056-8: RM3 (E) FG 8kg Paper Bag, 801067

Suitable for: Rodents

Shelf Life: From date of production - paper bag or plastic pouch = 12 months, Vacuum packed = 24 months