SDS STANRAB (P) – Rabbit Standard

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Complete universal diet for rabbits.
Diet for breeding, pregnant, nursing, growth and maintenance animals.
To be used within the context of experimental protocols.  Protein only from vegetal sources.

As a diet suitable for breeding and maintenance, it avoids the need for two diets in a multi-discipline rabbit unit.

Feeding guide
Ad libitum or rationed according to experimental protocols.  Daily consumption – 40 to 300 g, depending on strain and weight. Keep fresh water always available. 

Alfalfa dried at high temperature, wheat bran, barley, oats, soybean meal produced from genetically modified soybeans, Dried beet pulp, extruded soybeans, wheat straw and/or barley, pre-mixture of vitamins and minerals, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, DLmethionine.

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Codes and sizes:
1011042-10: STANRAB (P), 803500 - 10kg (Paper Bag)

Suitable for: Rabbits

Shelf Life: Paper bag or plastic pouch = 12 months, Vacuum packed = 24 months