Certain animal and protocol conditions create a requirement for “special dietary needs” products to ensure animals’ survival and to encourage reliable research outcomes. Bio-Serv was the first to create a product to meet these special needs in 2003, with the introduction of Nutra-Gel—a highly palatable, nutritionally complete food and water gelled diet. This has now been expanded to include a water gel and an electrolyte gel. These products can be easily fed to animals, by placing the cup or pouch at cage level. This allows the animal to remain healthy and hydrated even through impaired conditions.

ElectroGel is an oral electrolyte hydration gel that is available in strawberry flavour, packed with vitamins and minerals to promote recovery.

  • Gelled, oral electrolyte hydration supplement
  • Economical and easy to use requiring no refrigeration or special storage
  • Provides balanced electrolyte and glucose levels to provide energy,nutrients and hydration to accelerate recovery
  • Highly palatable with a strawberry flavour
  • Comparable to Pedialyte and PRANG in gel form
  • Suitable for a variety of research species
  • Thermo reversible: Medications can be added for stress-free oral dosing
  • Gamma Irradiated

Codes and sizes:
1024118: ElectroGel, Strawberry (Electrolyte Replenisher), 1 ounce (60/case), sterile

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Fits Pyramid Feeder

Suitable for: Rodents

Shelf Life: 12 months