Significant improvements in life quality can be achieved with these huts. They provide a comfortable resting place. The tint diffuses light providing a sense of security.

The octagonal shape prevents rolling; the open ends offer ventilation and the open base allows faeces and urine to be absorbed by the substrate.

Codes and sizes:
K3365 – Fat Rat Hut – 16cm long, 15.5 cm wide, 8.5cm high.
K3261 – Guinea Pig – 20.5cm long, 15.7cm wide, 11.5cm high
K3262 – Rabbit – 30.5cm long, 29cm wide, 26cm high

Screened for: Chemical contaminants

Suitable for: Rodents

Safe For: Guinea Pig & Rabbit Huts - Cage washing, Autoclaving. Fat Rat Hut - Cage washing