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The best Scratching pad we’ve found;

  • They fit just about anywhere and are small enough to be used with a large range of animal sizes;
  • They have a unique curved, overlapping system which means there is no straight joined edge to be exposed to excessive wear as each Scratch-n-Pad supports the position of the next;
  • You can build up a scratching surface across any size area as desired to meet your animal’s needs,
  • They can be used flat or on an angled surface as the specially designed V-notch allows them to sit flush on any angled surface up to 90 degrees making them ideal for use on square posts, corners and building frames. When applied flat the V-notch acts as a channel to allow moisture to escape from the back of the pad;
  • Built to last being made from high grade elastomers unlike most that are made from either rigid plastics or soft rubbers which corrode over time and use;
  • Brighten your animal’s living space with visual stimulation by creating patterns as they come in a variety of colours;
  • Scratch-n-Pads have a higher number of quills per inch than conventional scratch pads;
  • Built in recessed fixing points so that hardware sits lower than the surface of the pad and is less likely to catch on hair and skin;

Codes and sizes:
Each 11 oz., 5” x 6” x 1” pad comes with four rust-proof, stainless steel mounting screws and washers to firmly and safely attach the pads to nearly any solid surface.
Available in Wine Red, Blue or Delicate Skin White

Suitable for: Pigs